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The main products

Handmade water hyacinth basket set

Handicraft products made from sedge, water hyacinth in Vietnam are always used environmentally friendly. Products are meticulously finished by skilled craftsmen

Handmade water hyacinth basket set

Eco-friendly handmade water hyacinth pet house

With the diversity in design, we always create new products that catch up with the trend. Always give customers the best product experience

Carpets for living room, hotel, hand-woven, environmentally friendly water hyacinth

Seagrass floor mats bring a classic style, the meticulousness in each product makes your indoor space always more luxurious and sophisticated.

Eco-friendly hand-woven seagrass planting basket

Rice bags and indoor plants are diverse in color and size, so you can use them for any purpose if you want.

List of exporting countries

Strategic partnership

Customer experience after using the product

    Why did you choose us

    Quality products

    The success of our customers is a measure of our growth.

    Already exported more than 20 countries

    Sociable, reliable and ready to support each other in work.

    Trendy design

    Always create new products that are on trend with the times.

    Lifetime support

    Always complete results with what we promise to customers – Before and after the sale

    Vina Kim Long Company Limited

    Our working address and warehouse

    • Tỉnh Ninh Bình: Hamlet 5 An Hoa Commune, Kim Son District, Ninh Binh Province  +84969828683

    Nameshop’s support time is from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. From Monday to Saturday (Except Holidays and New Year).
    Average response time: 1 hour.

    Can I order a sample product?

    You can completely order sample products on request. We have a team that develops samples quickly and can send them to you easily by air. As long as you make 1 request, let us know

    Can I ODM, OEM?

    You can completely ODM and OEM if you have requirements, we can provide those services to you as quickly as possible. You can change the design, logo you want immediately with a small amount and quickly

    How long is the production time?

    After confirming the sample with the buyer, we will immediately start production with the shortest possible time. This depends on the quantity you require. If it is 1 container of 40 Fit, the time is about 30 days

    How big is your factory?

    With a factory scale of up to 15000m2, we have a full range of items for large-scale production. We can accommodate orders of up to hundreds of containers per year for buyers.

    What material do you use?

    We use environmentally friendly materials, which are materials such as water hyacinth, seagrass, jute fiber, which are completely green materials that protect the environment. The product frame is made of steel, depending on the product you require, the material used will be different

    Compensation for workers

    Employees are the key factor for our work, so creating salary and bonus policies is always our top concern. Employees are always entitled to remuneration commensurate with their efforts. Fully enjoy the holidays, we make it a priority

    What certifications do you have?

    We have a full range of certificates to be able to export to countries such as America, Europe, Japan, Korea….etc.