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Author: huytien6495


With a 10-year vision, will become the main supplier for major brands, furniture dealers, supermarkets around the world. Especially the main markets are the US, Europe, Japan, Korea. We have built a methodical roadmap and process from investing in labor, factories, equipment and machinery, and other materials. With the right policies, we are confident to bring to our customers quality products and on time delivery.

Our Mission

  1. Sustainability and Resilience: Build and develop Kim Long Craft as a sustainable enterprise, ensuring continuous growth and prosperity over time, in harmony with the development of Vietnam’s handicraft industry.
  2. Preserve and Promote Traditional Culture: Preserve and promote the traditional handicraft culture of Vietnam while incorporating innovation to create unique and prestigious products in the international market.
  3. Quality and Innovation: Prioritize product quality, continually improve technology, and innovate in design to deliver diverse and stylish handmade products that meet global customer demands.
  4. Export and International Market Development: Expand exports and penetrate international markets, establishing the trust and reputable brand image of Kim Long Craft globally, actively contributing to promoting the image of Vietnam’s handicraft industry to the world.
  5. Customer-Centric Approach: Focus on customer needs and satisfaction. Commit to providing high-quality, distinctive, and creative handmade products, meeting all customer requirements and preferences across various sectors and markets.
  6. Social Responsibility and Environmental Stewardship: Contribute positively to society and protect the environment through sustainable production practices, ensuring safety and social responsibility, while also supporting the development of local communities and society.

Kim Long Craft’s vision and mission reflect a steadfast commitment to providing high-quality, innovative handmade products that carry the rich cultural values of Vietnam, as well as promoting sustainable development for the nation’s handicraft industry on the international stage.